Our expertise at all levels

Whatever your request, your constraints or the dimensions of your shipments, we find the solution that suits you. WorldWay offers you its experience and expertise to give you the same advantages as large groups.

Small Parcel

Import or export in France and around the world?

Freedom and security

Whether it is contractual documents, prototypes, spare parts or luxury bags to be shipped easily and quickly, our application allows you to order your transport in complete freedom and safety.

Expertise and availability

Your expert is always available to answer and support you. Trust Worldway and entrust us with your shipments for more serenity. We take care of everything!
Our objective: your satisfaction.


Your shipment exceeds the weight and/or dimensions allowed on the application? We have the solution!

Control your costs

Thanks to our partnerships with major land transport companies, we can assist you in your oversized shipments in France, Europe and even North Africa. Find a quality service and controlled costs for a better efficiency.

Be serene

Trust Worldway and entrust us with your shipments for more serenity.
We take care of everything! Our objective: your satisfaction.

Major Export

Do you want to expand internationally?
Have you received an order that requires products to be sent to the other side of the world?
You don't know how to do it or who to contact?

You have any questions

Incoterm to use, payment guarantees, choice of sea or air transport... So many questions to ask yourself before you start sending large volumes.

Our experts will answer you

Our experts are at your disposal to help you because all these issues are an integral part of their daily lives. And the partnerships we know we have developed, for you, with shipping and airline companies will meet your requests.

The tiny victories of the WorldWay team!

One of our clients works for the Iraqi oil fields. He trusted us nearly 5 years ago to find the best solutions to transport his equipment. We have found a secure solution via Bahrain. 5 days after the departure of the package (including customs operations), the technicians can pick up the goods at the DHL hub and do their work in complete peace of mind. We have not had any major incidents since we started using this road that we have not been able to resolve quickly and all this for a major destination. Last shipment: 35 cm × 35 cm × 35 cm × 30 cm 8 kg price 300,55 euros

A client of the Visa concierge service left his keys in a hotel in Madrid. We sent DHL and the next day before noon this gentleman. Retrieved his keys. It cost him 45 euros.

The shipment of which we are most proud: We organized the shipment of a 40' temperature-controlled shipment to Libya in 2016. Our client's freight forwarder refused to take this freight because he had no solution for this very politically unstable destination. We have found the right partner and have taken on our role as a consultant beyond our prerogatives to help the recipient with these customs operations and to help them overcome local oppositions. The client was delighted and that is our reward.

We chartered a full truck full of windows for a nursery school for a trip from Italy to the Paris region in the middle of confectioners' week. The carrier juggled public holidays, braved the bad weather and the windows were installed in time for the start of the school year, but not without difficulty.