WorldWay consultants

Catherine Cotard

After 30 years in the supply chain sector, I have acquired all the knowledge necessary to understand the subtleties of our field of activity. It is a fascinating world, full of inevitable surprises, which I have mastered over the years of my experience. My primary objective remains customer satisfaction and I created WORLDWAY with this in mind. So I decided to put all my know-how at the service of very small and medium-sized businesses thanks to a magical tool: the Internet. That's how I created my own application in 2017. Both to keep my independence, as well as to share a new experience of entrepreneurship in the world of franchising: Co Sharing. A real sharing of knowledge and IT tools, without the constraints and entry fees of the franchise system.

Jérôme Marcarian

With 15 years of experience in the world of logistics and customer service at very small and medium-sized companies in Rhône-Alpes, I decided at the dawn of my 38th birthday to create my own structure to give a new boost to my professional career. I created my company through a franchise, whose economic model was not sustainable in France, so I decided to create the conditions for the viability of this model in another form. For me, WorldWay is synonymous with freedom, efficiency, speed and modernity. My customers are very enthusiastic about WorldWay and recommend our services to their customers and suppliers.

Erwan Coignard

Thanks to my experience in professional services, I have chosen to integrate WorldWay to provide my clients with multiple transport solutions. With a personalized service, I facilitate their shipments by offering several service providers whatever their needs.

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