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VSEs and SMEs, WorldWay finally gives you the opportunity to access the same rates and services as large companies.

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At WorldWay, we have opted for simplicity for our customers. A unique platform allows you to ship all kinds of packages in France or worldwide, with the best guarantees: a controlled cost and personalized assistance at each step. Whether it is a question of courier or large export, we take care of your shipments with the same care.
A non-delivery problem or customs that is in doubt? We'll take over from here. Our added value consists in particular in the total knowledge of our clients' files, because you have a single contact person whatever the size of your company or your shipment.

Economy and simplicity

WorldWay offers you access to the same rates as large companies. We centralize all orders to provide you with the same services. Also, the establishment of a monthly invoice facilitates your accounting.

Facilitez-vous le transport

We offer you the possibility to access the transport world of your choice, taking into account the specificity of your needs and constraints, whether they are time and/or financial.
Is the size of your shipments unusual? Do you want to ship to a country that is difficult to access? You just want to send a shipment abroad but don't know how to do it? WorldWay has the answer to your need. We adapt to each problem because each case is unique and each problem has its solution.

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